The ways to sail Croatia

Now it is time to look at some of the options for sailing over Croatia. With many options on offer to sail in Croatia, there are options when it comes to choosing a boat, charter or cruise in Croatia.

Crewed yacht charter:

If you don’t have experience sailing or you simply want to relax and be taken care of by an experienced crew, you can charter a yacht, catamaran, gulet or motor yacht. You can do a little research beforehand about the pros and cons of different types of yachts – do you really want to sail or are you more interested in comfort, how many people will you be, what is your budget? These are all questions which will help define which type of crewed yacht would best suit you.

Samboat is an online boat rental platform to find a variety of yachts from classic sailing yachts to yacht charter croatia to gulets, and offer a complete experience by helping plan all aspects of your holiday, including booking accommodation and activities.


If you have experience sailing and are planning to charter and crew your own yacht, you will need a valid license and VHF license (see a full list of accepted licenses issued by the Croatian Ministry of Sea). Depending on the time of year you book, a 40-foot sailing yacht for a 7-day charter in Croatia.

Samboat offers a wide variety of charter yachts from brand new Hanse yachts – to Bali Catamarans. They offer bareboats and crewed yachts, so it is a good place to start your research.